Further Adventures of a Leeds Festival Wristband

Well it's not all sex and drugs and rock'n'roll y'know...what happens to a Leeds Festival wristband - after the music has gone ?? Read on ...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Got Chatted Up Tonight !

You know the score - you're sitting down, relaxing after a hard day's graft - and all of a sudden you are the victim of unwelcome advances. There we were tonight having a quiet drink at Stalybridge Buffet Bar - and this happens:

Along comes this rough tough cable tie - and I mean "cable tie", not Jim Carrey - didn't even offer a drink, just jumped straight in there - didn't last long though - got chased straight back into his toolbox.

You don't need this sort of thing on a Thursday night....

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Metrolink Football !

OK so it's football again - but I've been on one of those Manchester trams tonight for the first time ever !

Here's the tram at Manchester Victoria.

We went to Radcliffe to see Mossley play - but after all I said about trains last night - I know what's best - and it ain't MetroLink that's for sure !! Expensive - and not a nice ride at all.

Radcliffe Station - goodbye tram - off you go to Bury.

The pain (pocket and botty) was worth it though - because Mossley won 3-1 !!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

We nearly won the raffle tonight !!

Oh yes it's football fever again - Ashton United vs Burscough - we keep most of the footy stuff elsewhere (i.e. http://sixtamesides.blogspot.com) - but thought you'd like to know that "Master" was really really close with the raffle tonight ....

The winner was 006490 - until next time...

Guess what - more football tomorrow - at Radcliffe Borough, so I get to ride on a real live Metrolink tram for the first time ever ever !!!!!.

It'll make a change from them bloody trains to and from work every bloody day - excuse my language but someone spilt beer on me tonight and I'm a little "wristy tipsy"...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wristy says "Blair Out !"

Well we got into Manchester eventually - thanks to the Rail Replacement Bus - and hot-footed it down to Albert Square to meet lots of like-minded people.

The Stage in Albert Square where lots of people made lots of speeches.

We wanted to march - but people kept coming on the stage and saying stuff - and there was a football match to get to as well !!

In the end time ran out and we had to attempt to get back to Mossley for the football - by 4-45pm we wished we'd never bothered...yes another loss !

At least "Master" got a new T-Shirt out of the day....

Saturday, September 23, 2006

We've been to the theatre !!!

We've been for some culture tonight. Some of "Master's" friends said "Fancy the Royal Exchange tonight ?" We went for it.

Blimey - this ain't Leeds !

We went to see "Mary Barton" - by Elizabeth (aka Mrs) Gaskell - a story about rich b*stards, poor starving hungry peeps and love and stuff set in Manchester in the 1840s (apparently Mrs Gaskell was a seamstress in a "sweatshop" in the St Annes Square area - so it's a bit biographical).

Our friends arrived with 13 minutes to spare - they had the tickets - we went straight from work and met "Mistress" off the train and had a drinkie first.

Ticket ... no wristband ??

And in we went....

Sneaky pic from inside !!

Overall very good - first half was very powerful (seemed pretty apt what with Blair and his cronies arriving tomorrow - much emphasis on Chartism, Unions and the total lack of power of all of them compared with the rich mill owners of the time).. Second half - not so strong though - but I believe it's the first time that this book has been put on stage so ....

Most embarrassing moment was when "Master's" phone went off - he'd forget to put it onto "silent running" - ouch !

Nice prequel to the demo later today - although in true "Blairite" fashion there are no trains from Mossley to Manchester tomorrow (engineering works betwixt Ashton and Manchester Victoria). Looks like a bus to Stalybridge and an express to Piccadilly. Just hope we get back to Mossley in time for the football ...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Day in the Life

Just for information really.

This is where "Master" works - in fact this is his "workstation"

Look there's emu keeping an eye in all things computer ... and a nice cup of tea as well

They're all lunatics at Simon Carves (Computer Department) - they collect all sorts of silly things - the hat collection will have to wait for another day, but here's a small snippet of the "comedy confectionery" shelf - which includes things other than confectionery as well !!

What silly people they are !!

Then when we came home we found out that we can go to the football on Saturday because "young boy's" ju-jitsu grading is on 30th September not the 23rd. Then we found out that 30th is now a day trip to the seaside (i.e. Whitby) for the Mossley "faithful" and we can't go - wristy hasn't been to the seaside yet - it'll have to wait.

Never mind - it means that we can go to the "Blair Out", "Troops Out" demo in Manchester this Saturday before the Guiseley match - so we'll get some good pix with banners and policeman !!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wristy Re-Visits

Went back to my roots today - yes it was football related. We were going to Guiseley to see Mossley win the FA Cup - or something like that. We had to go backwards to Stalybridge first because all the local trains were messed up - but then we caught a nice shiny one - to Leeds - yes Leeds where I first surfaced 24 days ago.

The train pulled in, we got off the train and went over to the ticket barriers - the wrist was damp with emotion - yes we were home...

We then went to watch the football game - Mossley didn't win the FA Cup so "Master" commiserated in the same way that all his friends were doing....

No real ale in cans was the official excuse !

We then went back to Leeds and say "goodbye" to the City and "goodbye" to all the other Mossley supporters - we went a different way - down to Derby and then a rail replacement bus to Belper.

A busy day that meant a lot to me ...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wristy's Going Home !!

Naturally, it's football related, but today Mossley are away at Guiseley in the FA Cup - only 237 rounds from Wembley you know...

...and to get to Guiseley - you've got to go to Leeds !

Could be quite an emotional moment.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wristy's 21st - Total Washout !

It all began so badly when we found out that some brain-dead f*ckwits had vandalised a signal box between Mossley and Manchester overnight. Of course it was lashing it down with rain...

Waiting in vain (rain ?) - early doors on Mossley station -everyone else is huddled under cover ...

We got to Stalybridge eventually but had to let one express go - too full (and I knew there was another in 10 minutes) - so it was 0915 before arriving at "Master's" work.

Paul - at work - his daughter went to Leeds - but he'd told me that Natalie had removed her wristband (heresy !!) - and those miserable b*st*rds at the Manchester Evening News had failed to respond to my "publicity-seeking e-mail" (probably because I failed to mention FC United !) - so on arriving back at Mossley - trains still hellish with rumours that it may take up to 10 days to sort out - it turned into a very lonely 21st....

Yes not even a cake - it's a "white floured bap" - with a candle -even the beer's "creamflow"...

Hope my 50th is better - if I "live" that long............

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wristy's seen some "money" tonight..

He's also seen another blooming football game - as in Mossley v Matlock Town (Matlock Town won 3-0 - could have /s hould have been more !)

But on the way home before the game we stopped at Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar and "Gaz the Quiff" said "What do you reckon to this ??"

Quite a lot reckoned "Master" - believes it dates back to the 1940s - there will be much "checking" over the next few days - no clues at tonight's game unfortunately.

All this football - and I still haven't had a decent walk - but - it's back to work tomorrow (I'm 20 now) - and we'll se if anything special is going to happen on my 21st - or will it be a "quiet night in" with beer, cake, candles and card(s).

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wristy is 21 on Thursday...

The life of a Festival Wristband is normally "nasty, brutish and short" - as some clever geezer once wrote. However on Thursday I will be 21 days old....

...and we might have a party - in Manchester - with any other 21 day old wristbands "in the vicinity" - actually you might be 22 if your owner got an "Early Bird" ticket for the Wednesday - or you might be just 20 if your owner didn't turn up until the Friday (and ended up with a poo camping spec !).

Eyes and ears as they say - and we've touted for a bit of publicity too - so you never know.

Maybe if I'd gone national there could have been parties ALL OVER THIS LAND ...and we could all exchange experiences and photos and stuff.

My number still hasn't faded away - and I do bathe and shower regularly !!! However my camera is not that good at flashy (or no-flashy) close-ups but - suffice to say - I am still number 34321.

Who is Number 1 ???

Monday, September 11, 2006

Would I "dye" for you ??

Busy bathrooms at home tonight - certainly a night to "dye" for...fortunately the camera was in our hands.

Step One:

"Master's" daughter (Michelle) goes for the henna - not your L'Oreal crap but proper 39p stuff from ASM in Ashton.

We might "hold" the towel but we ain't washing it !!

Step Two:

"Master's" youngest (Peter) goes for "black, black and more" black - with a hint of blue (£2-89 from Superdrug)

We wanted to run into the street and shout "There are people 'dyeing' in here" - but then we found out the Man City score and thought not...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another Football Ground ...

How many are there ?

We went to Hyde United today - after meeting some nice Derbyshire chaps at Stalybridge.

"We've gotta Ticket to Hyde" (Lennon/McCartney)

We must have been the lucky mascots today - because they won their first league match of the season !

Where the noisy people stand - apart from James that is ! Think Gav is just visible there as well ..

Went to a nice pub after the game called the "Sportsman" before going home.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wristy's Day out at Hyde has to wait...

..because of this:

HINCKLEY United Football Club regretfully announce the tragic death of Matthew Gadsby. The 27 year-old collapsed midway through the first half of the Conference North game with Harrogate Town at Wetherby Road on Saturday. Paramedics treated the central defender on the pitch and worked on him for over an hour after he suddenly collapsed on the field of play. No other player was involved. He was taken to Harrogate Royal Infirmary but failed to respond to treatment. Chairman Kevin Downes said: “This is an absolute tragedy and our thoughts are with Matthew’s family and friends. “Incidents like this put everything into perspective and no-one can quite come to terms with what has happened. “The medics were out on the pitch within seconds and their treatment was first class and they did everything they could along with the staff at the hospital which was next door to the ground. “Matthew had made a big impact on the football club during his time at the Marston’s Stadium and he will be sadly missed by everyone.” Sutton Coldfield born Gadsby began his career as a trainee at Walsall before breaking his way into the first team and making 23 first team appearances. He then moved to Mansfield Town and Kidderminster Harriers extending his Football League experience before he dropped into Non League football with Forest Green Rovers. Swadlincote based Gadsby – a builder by profession - signed a one-year deal with Hinckley United in the summer and had been in outstanding form. Mr Gadsby leaves behind a young daughter, and a wife, Sarah. Hinckley United’s game away at Moor Green on Tuesday night has been postponed after today’s tragic events. No further information is currently available.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Aren't We Clever ?

Look at this - tonight - on the train home - we've managed to complete the "Manchester Evening News" cryptic crossword:

Oh and the other message tonight is "If anyone wants a free legal download of 'I'm a Rat' by Towers of London (it's jolly jolly punk metal) please go to the sister/mother/brother website - http://sixtamesides.blogspot.com - they were at Leeds Festival and we liked them a lot !

Obviously football again tomorrow - but problems in the Smiffy household will decide whether we get to North Ferriby - or Hyde - at the moment it's not looking promising for the "longer journey".

Weather forecast is good regardless...........

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Northern Rail are cr*p

Northern Rail are indeed cr*p - delays at Mossley this morning meant a 25 minute "hang-about" at Piccadilly Station.

Waiting at Piccadilly for the 0827 to Cheadle Hulme - me, sodalite, Mr Gregg's coffee (two sugars) and a Securicor "ticket checker". What you can't see is the Eagles of Death Metal going through "Master's" ears - or the free "Metro" paper.

So, late in for the second time in a week - and home late too - cr*p day all round really...

Hate to say it but ...

...Wednesday brought nowt ! The real moan is on http://sixtamesides.blogspot.com

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tuesday -

Not a very interesting day today - I guess work is work is work most days - however there was a slightly wacky moment on the way home (in Stalybridge Station Buffet bar - where else ?) - was it "static cling" or was it "something else" - when I got tangled up with "Master's" tie and lifted it almost to the angle of Dilbert's !!

Look - no hands !! (apart from those holding the pint in the background !). The pint in question was of course Millstone Brewery "Tiger Rut" - and "Master" had one on the bar as well !

We all sat by the computer after nine o'clock listening to a football match on internet radio (BBC Radio Slop doing AFC Telford United v Mossley - 0-0 final score) and when that finished we booked a trip to Dublin during half-term in October - we could have took a piccy of the confirmation - but thought it wise NOT to put the RyanAir confirmation number onto the net !!

What will Wednesday bring I wonder ..

Monday, September 04, 2006

Monday - Train Chaos at Stalybridge !

Sunday was a bummer - it rained too much so we didn't get a walk in - we went to Argos to buy a dehumidifier (you don't want to see that - but we did get a picture of the box !)

Monday morning was fun though - theer was "overunning engineering works" between Ashton and Manchester Victoria so everyone had to get off the train at Stalybridge - now we always do that anyway but it meant there were loads of others on the platform too !!

"Busy Busy" at Stalybridge - and there's Mick and John from Greenfield getting in on the act !

We got to work for 0845 though - did work - and came home.

In the evening we did football again at a big posh stadium with no fans (!) - not to worry, we saw 7 (seven) goals for Curzon Ashton and one missed penalty for Atherton Collieries -well worth a fiver !

View from the top of the stand at Curzon - impresive (if blurry !)

Tomorrow Mossley go to AFC Telford United - without me ...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday Afternoon was Wet !

Went to the football this afternoon:
Reading the programme

Mossley weren't very good for 70 minutes - they were losing 2-0 - but then they started trying ...
One of the many chances after 1620.

Unfortunately they lost 2-1 and "Master's" camera went "pop" so he missed the goal. We went to the Co-op for more batteries and then went back to the Mossley club to watch the England v Andorra game..

England v Andorra on the "big screen" at Mossley - with Mike and Nigel muscling in on the pic !

At least England won 5-0 ....

Think we're going for a walk in the hills tomorrow - weather permitting.

No Football Until the Jobs are Done

Today is wet !! Apparently the game is on though - but first, jobs. We had to put a roller blind up in the boys room.

That drill is very noisy

Not long later - success !!
Followed by "oops" ....

Someone (!!!) hadn't unpacked the tent from last weekend - and it was a little bit damp and musty. Not to worry - it'll soon dry close to the radiator (pictured). We're going to watch Mossley play Lincoln United in about an hour.

The Weekend's Coming ..

We got up early this morning, and washed some pots before going to work...

and here's a picture of Edgeley No 2 signal box just outside Stockport - yes we were back on the train to Cheadle Hulme today.

9 hours later - coming home... Just time for a quick beer at Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar (Salamander Savage)....

...before going out to the Diggle Hotel for a "Last Night of the School Holidays for Teachers" meal out with (teacher) friends. Pictured is my "Diggle Hotel Mixed Grill" - well 50% of it (the beer at Diggle was Timothy Taylors Golden Best)