Further Adventures of a Leeds Festival Wristband

Well it's not all sex and drugs and rock'n'roll y'know...what happens to a Leeds Festival wristband - after the music has gone ?? Read on ...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tuesday -

Not a very interesting day today - I guess work is work is work most days - however there was a slightly wacky moment on the way home (in Stalybridge Station Buffet bar - where else ?) - was it "static cling" or was it "something else" - when I got tangled up with "Master's" tie and lifted it almost to the angle of Dilbert's !!

Look - no hands !! (apart from those holding the pint in the background !). The pint in question was of course Millstone Brewery "Tiger Rut" - and "Master" had one on the bar as well !

We all sat by the computer after nine o'clock listening to a football match on internet radio (BBC Radio Slop doing AFC Telford United v Mossley - 0-0 final score) and when that finished we booked a trip to Dublin during half-term in October - we could have took a piccy of the confirmation - but thought it wise NOT to put the RyanAir confirmation number onto the net !!

What will Wednesday bring I wonder ..


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