Further Adventures of a Leeds Festival Wristband

Well it's not all sex and drugs and rock'n'roll y'know...what happens to a Leeds Festival wristband - after the music has gone ?? Read on ...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday Afternoon was Wet !

Went to the football this afternoon:
Reading the programme

Mossley weren't very good for 70 minutes - they were losing 2-0 - but then they started trying ...
One of the many chances after 1620.

Unfortunately they lost 2-1 and "Master's" camera went "pop" so he missed the goal. We went to the Co-op for more batteries and then went back to the Mossley club to watch the England v Andorra game..

England v Andorra on the "big screen" at Mossley - with Mike and Nigel muscling in on the pic !

At least England won 5-0 ....

Think we're going for a walk in the hills tomorrow - weather permitting.


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