Further Adventures of a Leeds Festival Wristband

Well it's not all sex and drugs and rock'n'roll y'know...what happens to a Leeds Festival wristband - after the music has gone ?? Read on ...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Celebrity Death Match - Me vs Bob...

In the Red Corner...."Blockbusters" favourite.... BOBBBBBBBBBB HOLNESS !!!!

And in the Blue Corner...."sad twat approaching 50"...SMMMIFFFFFFFFFFFFY !!!!

Over to you the audience .... (I decided against putting Bob into Photoshop and then applying the "melt" option - got to keep it fair to both sides).

Hope all is well at the University of Central Lancashire - maybe Joy Kumar in Computing Services would be interested in what "students" get up to in their spare time whilst using the University network - credit where credit is due though - you were on both the "wristy" and "sixtamesides" sites for nearly an hour before you came up with your "pearls of wisdom".

(PS Wristy say "Hi !")


  • At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ooh who won? Have to say there is a bit of a likeness isn’t there. Not so much a melted Bob Holness, just a slightly longer face hehe

    I see you have one of those things that searches IP address locations. Quite the detective aren't ya! Let's just say I was having a very very bad day on Wednesday and chose you to vent my frustrations. I apologise for the ‘die of aids’ comment, very stupid and unnecessary. I don’t know where the word ‘bigoted’ came from either so apologies for that too

    To be honest, I agree completely about how it's good to be into modern music at your age, I just think it's daft when people keep on their wristbands after Leeds. I have friends who do it and I’m constantly asking, “what’s the point?”. I also think it’s particularly strange when people take pictures of it in different locations and devote an entire blog to it. But hey, people have different hobbies

    Shan't be going to DragonForce unfortunately due to the Manics gig a few days earlier. Would love to see them live though. Power metal isn't really my thing but I do like some of their stuff

    And just to clarify, I don’t support FC united of Manchester, although funnily enough I was browsing their forum the day I came across your site. I for my sins am a Halifax Town fan

    Regards and apologies

    Anonymous aka Wanker

    P.S. that stuff about free beer is an urban myth. I managed to slip my 2004 band off without cutting it and put it back on for 2005, only to be told by the wristband guy “nah it’s all rumours I think mate” when I asked about beer. Maybe it was different this year, I don’t know

  • At 4:24 PM, Blogger Mike Smith said…

    It's amazing how many people have said "Oh yes !" when I mentioned the Bob Holness 'link' - so one up to you on that (melted = less wrinkles I reckon).

    Yep - not only IP addresses, but "how you got there" is also available - hence my FSCUM "guess" - reckon I'd better not mention football either - I was born and bred in Stafford - and brought up on a diet of Stafford Rangers - yeah that team you put three past on Saturday !

    I reckon it's unlikely to last until next August - but hey ... it's the football site that's the main one for me - as I said "it's a bit of a laugh" - incidentally the idea actually came from www.cheesontour.com - a variation of the same.

    Good to hear from you - all accepted !


  • At 9:43 PM, Blogger Mike Smith said…

    Notice a Leeds connection with IP tonight !!


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