Further Adventures of a Leeds Festival Wristband

Well it's not all sex and drugs and rock'n'roll y'know...what happens to a Leeds Festival wristband - after the music has gone ?? Read on ...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A "Tale of Two Tickets" - AFI vs Ashton United

Whoo-hoo - we're going to a gig !!

No we're not young wristy - that AFI ticket belongs to small boy - we're going to the football - again !! Not to worry -we'll buy some tickets when we get to Ashton United - for the half-time draw.

And the winner is "ticket numbers 101 to 105" - whoo-hoo we've won a prize.

A litre bottle of whisky no less - something for the festive season I feel. Now the football has finshed we have to drive to Manchester to pick up the kiddies from the gig.

Boo-hoo !


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