Further Adventures of a Leeds Festival Wristband

Well it's not all sex and drugs and rock'n'roll y'know...what happens to a Leeds Festival wristband - after the music has gone ?? Read on ...

Thursday, November 30, 2006

1,000 up !!!

OK it's been quiet since I gave Bob a good stuffing - but we've finally cracked 1,000 visitors on this very blog - thanks to all for your support - I will wear it always - and here's a little something to celebrate..

Tacky but hey - it's just a laugh !! PS the "sad twat approaching 50" is only 10 minutes away now ....the blog will continue, but I will try to avoid the "humdrum" stuff - unless it's cute !

Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done (go on - name the film!)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Celebrity Death Match - Me vs Bob...

In the Red Corner...."Blockbusters" favourite.... BOBBBBBBBBBB HOLNESS !!!!

And in the Blue Corner...."sad twat approaching 50"...SMMMIFFFFFFFFFFFFY !!!!

Over to you the audience .... (I decided against putting Bob into Photoshop and then applying the "melt" option - got to keep it fair to both sides).

Hope all is well at the University of Central Lancashire - maybe Joy Kumar in Computing Services would be interested in what "students" get up to in their spare time whilst using the University network - credit where credit is due though - you were on both the "wristy" and "sixtamesides" sites for nearly an hour before you came up with your "pearls of wisdom".

(PS Wristy say "Hi !")

One for Mr "Anonymous"

You come back from the football - you sort out the football blog - and you're met with insults, insults and more insults - read the comments on the previous post - but hey - I'm a nice chap really - and very fair too - so I thought the least I could (after replying in words of more than two syllables) was to actually reply pictorially - so here you are Mr "anonymous"... who I believe to be an FC United of Manchester football fan .....

Love and kisses - Smiffy (aka "melted Bob Holness").

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sneaked a band in tonight....

Mrs Smiffy was out tonight on a works do in Manchester - so we sneaked out on the train to Greenfield and watched "Decoy" at the "Railway" pub - a covers band but very good at what they do - Paul Weller, Ian Dury, Coldplay and Pink Floyd to name but a few - truly an eclectic mix !

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Only One Month to Go !!

Until we get to see a rather popular beat combo - well they are in this house anyway !!

Saw 'em at Download - looking forward to a slightly better sound mix indoors ... \n/.

Monday, November 06, 2006


The moment we've been waiting for - since August Bank Holiday Monday - since daughter took her "wristy" off in fact - happened tonight. As part of the "ju-jitsu taxi service" for young boy, I have to nip to the Off-Licence in Greenfield to pick up a Lucozade Orange. As I parked up outside, there was a chap stood outside wearing a Leeds Festival 06 hoodie - I acknowledged this fact on my way in to the shop and as an aside said, "Still got your wristband on ?"

He said "Yes".

...... pause...... Whooooaaaaaa !!

I whipped it out (yes the camera goes everywhere - well you never know) - and asked for a pose - and here it is - and I'm going for large tonight - because it's worth it !

Here we are then - me at the front and Graham from Greenfield at the back - what made it even more freaky was when he said he knew of others as well ! My mate Andy from Stalybridge Buffet Bar has mentioned a guy who works in a paper shop in Ancoats - but when there's peeps on your doorstep, a trip to Every Street, Ancoats becomes less than necessary.

I gabbled this web site address to Graham - hope he took it in - if not, if anyone knows a Graham in Greenfield with a Leeds wristband on - tell him about it - and if anyone else in the Greenfield area wishes to have their photo taken - I'm usually in the offy every Monday and Wednesday about 1930.

To get two on one pic is a start - a "full on wristy orgy" involving several would be wonderful !!

The hibernation period...

Yes, it's been quiet since Ireland - the only two pictures of note involve travel to football matches - naturally !

Carling on the wrist - Carling on the can !

Above picture taken on the train to Dewsbury on the way to the Osset Town v Mossley game on the 28th October - don't let the real ale freaks see this - and yes I did drink it !

On the balcony at Manchester Piccadilly station. Taken last Saturday whilst waiting for a train to Liverpool on the way to the Cammell Laird v Mossley game.

The next post should blow your mind though - well it blew mine !!!